Monday, September 29, 2008


A purse is what got me back into the sewing game, and I finally made my first tote on Saturday. Saturday was actually a very good crafting day because I not only finished Fiona the cat, but I also finished up a doll that's been sitting here for three weeks. Initially, I couldn't get her eyes right, so I set her aside. Then I just got side-tracked. She's intended to be a twin, but I'll work on her sibling in a couple of weeks. They're earmarked to be sold, hint, hint. She turned out great, but I'll do photos some other time.

I've been wanting to make a tote for Miss E for Halloween, and a week or so ago (has it really been longer?!), we got supplies at JoAnn. Found a cute glittery pumpkin fabric on the remnant table, plus some felt, and had all the ideas, just no time. On Saturday evening, I cranked out the first 80% of the tote; it was that simple, as promised! (I LOVE the Amy Karol book. Have I said that enough?) Last night, post-birthday party, I sewed the handles and top in place, turned it right side out and smiled. I did somehow twist the handles so they don't lay right, but for a pint-sized trick-or-treater, it's not an issue, really. Overall, I'm just thrilled b/c it WAS so simple ... Now, when my Sandi Henderson pattern gets here, I'll have to try out my hand at a REAL purse. For me. Mama wants more purses! (Just a side note, I'm going crazy over Sandi's patterns and want ALL of them. Isn't that the most gorgeous cupcake you've ever laid eyes on?! I got the ruffle pants pattern for Miss E, too.)

So today, needing more crafting time to iron out my mental wrinkles, I did a second tote, this one as a surprise for Miss E's BFF, the girl who loves monsters. Miss E and I were at Target on Sunday morning and the dollar bins are loaded with monster stuff right now. I came home with an armload of books for inspiration, and the monster on this tote was the result of the inspiration.

I got to practice more embroidery, too, which was fun. Check out the detail of the monster face. I should probably have done a bit more hand sewing on the legs, since they got a bit wonky, but I like the way I finish off her toenails. ;) My machine sewing was definitely not my best work, but it gave me a chance to practice something like this, and I doubt that Miss B will notice the mistakes. Let's see ... this has french knots, backstitch, chain stitch ... I think that's it. Cute, though! I can't wait to give it to her!

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Average Jane Crafter said...

Cuuuuuuuute! I love the teeth and the cute little squiggle antennae! Adorable!