Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There's a ZLOCK behind the clock!

Going farther in the crafty department, yet straying from the works already in progress, I allowed whim to take over on Thursday. Miss E woke up that morning saying, "I want the Wocket book." So, we pulled Dr. Seuss' "There's A Wocket in My Pocket" off the shelf, and it went around with her to the bathroom, to breakfast, and into the doll stroller to be pushed around the house. We were reading it (finally), and I stupidly said, "Hey, we could make a zlock." Oh boy ... departing from planned activities for the day ... warning ... warning ... Because whenever you say that to a toddler, it means Right Now. Oops.

"Yeah, Mommy. We should make a zlock right now!" she shrieked. "Let's go upstairs and make it right now!"

So, it got started. Then we ate lunch. She napped. I worked like mad to get the zlock finished. I used some of my new embroidery skills to make the face (eyes and mouth) sans felt. (You can't embroider a nose like that ...) I like the face, and I'm happy to say that with some instruction and practice, my skills are improving. (Thanks, Rachel!!!)

Friday morning I stitched up the zlock, and by naptime, I had her (yes, we voted that the first zlock should be a girl, though Miss E thinks we should have a whole family) nearly done. One leg to go. Miss E woke up, and at first mention of zlock, she bounced out of bed and raced upstairs to see her. I sewed the final leg on and she was so excited about "Zlockie", as she has named her. We did a quick photo session and then took her to dinner, where Zlockie had to hide in my purse while we ate.

For those of you reading this with that puzzled look on your face, I suggest you go find a copy of the book in your local library or bookstore and read it. It's awesome. You'll find lots of funny things in all the nooks and crannies of your house. Watch for that bofa on the sofa, though ... We love the zelf on the shelf, and of course, the zlock behind the clock. Who couldn't love a zlock?!

Maybe the next one will be tiny, but now I need to get back on track with all the upcoming gifts I need to make ... and a handful of items reserved to sell. Yes, folks, I really am gearing up to sell a few and hopefully fund my fabric obsession. Woo hoo!

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MamaChristy said...

Zlocks are also in "The Thinks You Can Think." This is adorable!