Monday, September 15, 2008

Mirabelle, the garden fairy

I'm about a week behind in posting pics and the story on Mirabelle. She's the second of the tiny garden fairies, all in greens and browns. Her little butterfly wings have a zigzag stitch around the edge and will fray gently over time. She's even got a tiny flower in her hair to match the flowers on her dress! Initially, I had to wait to make sure she got to my mom before I posted anything.

My grandma died a little less than three weeks ago, and I wanted to do something for my mom, who is 1200 miles away. Gram moved in with them two years ago, at age 93, after living alone for years. We celebrated her 95th this past June, and had a wonderful visit with her. Unfortunately, she fell a few weeks later and never fully recovered from hip surgery, medication, and trauma. Mom and Dad spent nearly two months driving to and from the hospital and nursing home to check up on her, and it was a stressful time. Since I couldn't be there, I had to do something, and lying in bed one night, I came up with Mirabelle.

Mirabelle, like Miss E, loves all green and leafy veggies ... and chocolate, of course. What girl doesn't love chocolate?! She is full of hugs because we loaded her up before shipping her off to Mom. (Reports say she flew out of the box and delivered hugs immediately.) It sounds like she'll be hovering around the kitchen now, watching the birds and flowers out the window and passing on a bit of sunshine whenever it's cloudy.

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