Sunday, October 5, 2008

Short girl custom monster shoulder bag

My BFF's mom loved the monster tote so much that she requested a custom one for herself, so here it is, as a sneak preview for her. She's picking it up tomorrow. She opted for turquoise instead of orange (nice choice), with a messenger-style strap and cell phone pocket. I couldn't find the turquoise felt on the bolt, so I made the strap black to match the cell pocket. To pimp it up a bit, I added some colorful shapes on the straps and used a fancier method of attaching it to the bag. There's one more fun little surprise for her, but I'm not tellin' yet, MomBoo. You'll have to wait to see it for yourself! ;)

The monster is nearly identical to the one on Miss B's orange tote, but the antenna on this one spirals in the opposite direction. This one is definitely a better sewing job, and my embroidery is improving, too. Such fun!

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