Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New cupcake

I got a bit more crafty post-dress and made a fabric and felt cupcake. I wanted to try making one that used fabric to see how that worked for a cupcake wrapper, and I rather like it. It's about three inches in diameter, fitting perfectly into two little hands. The frosting on top of the chocolate cupcake is also fabric, in a flower shape, sprinkled with embroidered, uh, sprinkles. I added a nice dollop of frosting on top, with some french knots for anchors and additional sprinkles. (I asked Miss E if that was frosting or a berry, and she said, "Duh, Mommy. That's frosting. Yummy!")

Whaddya think? Is it too much like a pincushion, or cool enough for a child's tea party? Feedback would be great! All of the others I've made have been 100% felt.

1 comment:

Vicwyn said...

Miss E is correct - it is FROSTING - Yummy!!
I think your cupcake looks nice & yes the fabric resembles a "fancy" paper wrapper. Nice work.