Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing with food

New hobby this past month -- making the lunchbox fun again. I've gone bento! Miss E absolutely loves it -- animals, picks, strawberry hearts. Anything but the ol' sandwich that she was so bored with. The best part is that the lunchbox comes back empty almost every time!

I even made a plate of strawberry hearts for her kindergarten class's Valentine's Day party. They were a hit with the boys and girls alike! It was fun hearing the kids exclaim, "Look, Mom! This strawberry is a HEART!"

Robo dwarf hamsters (apples, raisins, white chocolate nibble, almond slices), strawberry hearts, cheese butterflies, and crazy egg chicks with parsley.

A fun one for me to share with Little E when we went to lunch school with big sis. All kinds of goodies in this one!

One evening she stopped by as I was making her lunch and requested "a rainbow in my lunch". By turning the blueberries one way or another, we managed to meet the requirements of the song she learned in school. ("Red and orange, green and blue. Shining yellow, purple too. All the colors that we know live up in the rainbow!")

The platter for her party:

And a little spruce-up for my own breakfast! Whole wheat waffle topped with nonfat Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, toasted walnuts, a tiny drizzle of maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon. Hubby requested one after seeing the photo. He enjoyed his, too!

Silly penguin lunch for Little E one day, inspired by her penguin erasers from Santa!

Rounding up the supplies and a few new additions, like the most awesome lunch book ever!


I had another whim, this time as a gift for Miss E's upcoming sixth birthday. I was going to do six charms for her sixth birthday, but veered off from that and just selected charms appropriate to her life. I have to wait a few weeks yet to give it to her, but I know things are about to get busy around here, so ... I'll try to have some patience! It's so very her, though!