Friday, November 5, 2010

The Chocolate Fairy

Everyone needs a chocolate fairy, right? I mean, in Pixie Hollow they have all kinds of fairies with all kinds of talents. I want to find a chocolate fairy. Well, so I made one. This was the doll I started when I first wanted to try making a Waldorf-style doll. She's far from perfect and I was in love with her so much at first, but now I feel like I'm supposed to save her for someone else. I just don't know WHO. So I finished sewing her dress tonight, brushed off the lint from her face, took a few photos, and put her in a plastic bag in my closet. I do love her, but I just have this weird feeling that she is meant for someone else. I guess when the time comes, I'll know, right?

She has little toes, a belly button, and a bum. Beautiful strands of yarn and embroidery floss for her hair, though it's acrylic, not wool. She was a good little experiment, and a great training piece. There's not a thing wrong with her, so she will be perfect for someone.

Is she meant for you?

Dolls of all kinds

I've been working and working around here ... busy as a bee whenever the girls let me sew. Miss E is generally very good, but little e is an impatient toddler who rarely sleeps. But I have dreams that began two years ago, just before I got pregnant with little e. Back in high school, my friends told me that my mom and I should sell our bears we made, but where? We made millions, but gave them all away or kept them. In the mid-80s, the options for selling were to sell to your friends (but why?) or find a small store to sell them for you. That was sounding too difficult, so we never bothered.

When I started making dolls a couple of years ago, again, my friends urged me to sell. I got all excited when I discovered Etsy, and a friend designed me a lovely logo and business cards. I reserved a name on Etsy and Gmail. And then I got so tired with a preschooler and being pregnant that I never got anything made. I also have millions of gifts I've made and want to make. And things for myself and my daughters. A baby didn't speed up the sewing, but ... now, she is beginning to play with big sis while I sew, and things are looking like I might be able to open my shop that I've so badly wanted to have up and running!

My goal is to have a shop open for Thanksgiving ... yay! I am working as much as possible on some dolls, finishing the biggest and first today. Hooray! She is absolutely gorgeous, and little e wants her. She hugged her and tried to run away with her, and it took a lot of convincing to get that doll back. Little e will get one, but not one that is so big and elaborate. For Christmas, she will get a smaller Waldorf doll. And hopefully I will have more dolls made to sell as well.

We made bats for Halloween, thanks to the Heather Bailey free tutorial. So very cute, and pretty quick to make, too. We named them Bette Boo and Becca Boo, and maybe next year, we'll actually make them from Halloween socks instead of the old argyle socks my mom bought me 15 years ago. Hmm ...

Today, though, on a whim, I learned how to do simple needle felting. I'm no expert by any means, but Miss E very much wanted a blessing fairy. There are gorgeous fairies on Etsy, made of wool roving, but I found a quick tutorial and grabbed the roving I have just received (a gift for Miss E, but don't anyone tell her) and the felting needle I ordered two years ago, and went to work. In about an hour, we had a cute fairy! Nothing too fancy like the ones I'd love to buy, but it also didn't cost more than a small amount, and that is fine for a four-and-a-half-year-old. She just wanted one to hug and play with. She treats things like this very well, but I still didn't feel she needed a $36 huggable fairy. Maybe someday *I* will buy one for myself -- they are gorgeous!

In the meantime, this was a very pretty fairy for a little girl who loves natural fibers and dolls.

And little e? She wanted the simple flannel pillow I made for her sis that is filled with flaxseed, buckwheat hulls and lavender buds, so I took the small amount of filling I had left and whipped up the same pillow in a smaller size. We love them because they can be thrown in the microwave to be warmed up. The lavender scent is heavenly and very calm and relaxing for bedtime. Little e was elated to have her own pillow!

And Mommy? Well, in between all the OTHER projects, I'm trying to make a flannel nightdress (my test on a new pattern -- use cheap flannel from JoAnn to try it out, end up with a new pajama tunic), then on to the real dress (the fabric is waiting patiently), and perhaps a skirt. Maybe someday that other shirt will be finished (it's half done), and the purse I started and nearly finished in February *might* just get finished up before Christmas.

I have big dreams ... For those of you who wondered how I've managed to keep a 15-month-old busy, see for yourself. It didn't take that long to pick up after she went down for a nap, but it sure did make her happy to have all those fabric scraps to play with!