Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monster Pirate

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tickle ...
Happy Birthday, Mr. Tickle ...
Happy Birthday, Mr. Tickle ...
Happy Birthday to you!

Yup, it's Mr. Tickle's official birthday, so he had better open his gift. If he sneaks a peak on the web as his mommy is looking, well, too bad. So happy #4, Mr. Tickle!

Okay, he really does rock the boat, doesn't he? Meet Monster Pirate. Ready to battle any mischievous monsters that lurk under beds, in closets, and down dark hallways. This guy will save the day. Rough, tough and ... made for snuggling.

Best part? He has a mini me in his back pocket. Just in case there are any itty bitty monsters lurking in really SMALL places. Send in the little dude and he can expunge the minis.

Let's see ... what's there to love about this duo? For starters, that Alexander Henry Baddanna fabric (both the red and the black) just screams angry pirate, but in a kid-friendly-enough way. Even Miss E loves it. And the charcoal skulls (also AH fabric) were a must-have. Mix that with some black polka-dots and you've got a great start.

I was satisfied with his pirate pants, but they are definitely not my best work. In fact, until he was fully done, I was ready to discard them! I had to mish-mash a vest together; regular vest patterns don't fit a flat monster. I doubled the fabric for the front part so that the skulls were always present, even when flapping in the breeze. He does look awesome without clothes, and that's good because even the craziest monsters prefer to be nekked sometimes.

His belt and sword are a monster pirate necessity, with or without his pants. Lucky for him, the sword (in felt) slides quickly in and out of the belt due to a nice ribbon loop.

Oh, and the teeth! I've seen a few other monsters running around with great fangs, and I had to try it. With some random, crazed sewing, they don't look half bad. (Don't consult a dentist for a second opinion!)

Ah, and for grins, I made Mr. Tickle a matching baddanna of his own, so he and Monster Pirate and Mini Monster Pirate can all coordinate while battling evil monsters. Cool, huh? ;)

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