Thursday, August 21, 2008

Next birthday doll

It's hard when you don't name a doll, but then, it's hard to name a doll that is for someone else. Therefore, this one will be Birthday Girl for this post. I am very happy with the results. I drew a different head shape for this one, and it seems to hold up much better than the other two. She also has "puppy ears" as Miss E calls them ... A classic toddler 'do, just like the girl I made her for.

Instead of a cupcake, Birthday Girl has her favorite kitty in her purse. I tried flannel first, with whiskers of floss, but Miss E vetoed it. Well, until the next kitty was done and the first was given to her. Suddenly, it was the coolest kitty EVER. I think both are cute, but the second attempt worked out far better, and I love the flowers. Her back has a big pink poppy on it, and I gave her a solid base (that probably should have had cardboard in it so she sat up more). The first kitty got a little pink felt tail; the second has a slightly-stuffed tail. It's a little high up, which can throw her off balance, but then she's meant to be carried around in her bag, so that is okay.

I played with some of the embroidery options on the sewing machine this time, but when the doll is slightly stuffed, it makes embroidery a bit trickier, so the "scrunchies" in Birthday Girl's hair are not as elaborate or even as I'd hoped. Overall, though, I like the effect and I'll have to try that again. I love the "puppy ears" ... She's such a cutie!

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