Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holy guacamole, Batman!

Central Texans, check this out ... Maker Faire 2008. Not your normal craft show, no. It's a crafty showcase of amazing things, and even my engineer husband is excited. He may enjoy it more than me, but I doubt it. Check it out ... read more under Participate | Call for Makers, and read about the 2007 show (link is on the home page at the bottom of the screen, in case you missed it). Rock on!

I mentioned this at a party over the weekend, and several friends had heard of it but no one had been ... yet. Get yer tix and join us! Heck, it's the weekend before our anniversary, so what better way to celebrate 4 years than with a geek meets crafter fair?! Miss E should love it, too.

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