Sunday, August 17, 2008

I didn't

I did. We got to the party last night and as I got Miss E out of the car, I reached for the ... gift bag ... and realized it was sitting at home, thirty minutes away, in my closet. I worked for a whole week on this doll, and then left it at home. Hubby was going to go all the way back and get it, as he said, because, "It's a shame!" Miss E repeated that all night at the party. But ... We're instead going to have a playdate later on this week with the birthday girl and this time, I WILL NOT FORGET THE GIFT!


I did get the teeny cupcake made, along with one for Chloe. And a purse for Chloe. Miss E will often steal the purse from Chloe, with the cupcake, and carry it around on her tiny wrist.

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