Wednesday, August 27, 2008

but I can't ...

Oh, I so badly want to show off my latest creation. He is awesome. Really awesome. But ... he's a birthday gift, and just got put in the mail. Birthday is this weekend ... So, not to give it away in case of snooping almost-4-year-old eyes, I will wait.

He was hard to send away. Miss E gave him a big hug and a farewell kiss. We sealed him up in a plastic bag for protection and took him to the post office.

This weekend, I can reveal. There were moments where I was frustrated, worried, afraid he just wouldn't come out as I wanted. I guess that's what you get when you dive in without a pattern, only a loose sketch, but when all was said and done and I put all of his accessories on for a photo session, he looked spectacular.

Of course, I can nit-pick and say that I need to work on my seams, embroidery, and maybe pattern placement, but I prefer to say he was a fantastic learning experience, and I know this particular dude will receive lots of love from Miss E's cousin.

And now that he's done, I wanna make a girl version, perhaps a doll, using the same fabrics. Miss E has another cousin who would totally dig a doll (or yeah, a monster; she's not all into dolls like Miss E) like this.

Grr. Argh. Grrrrrr. Arrrrgggghhhh. I probably shoulda labeled the box like that, but that mighta scared the mailman ... Heh!

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