Sunday, October 5, 2008


Miss E is obsessed with Sandi Henderson and her children ("Mommy, I want to see Sandi's website. Can I see pictures of Eliza and Ethan?")*, and in the photos for ruffle pants, Eliza is holding two giant Whirly Pops -- those giant lollipops. Miss E wanted one, so I got to thinking, and while trying to fall asleep the other night, came up with a way to make one from felt. Kind of saves on the teeth ... and cuts back on the sugar!

I just used two felt circles, then cut a slightly smaller circle out of quilt batting and did a blanket stitch around the outside. I added a wooden popsicle stick, and then did a simple stitch in a spiral to give the effect of the rolled lollipop. It was an instant hit: "Just yike Eyi-juh's yoyyipop!" Cute ...

*Just a side note: She's obsessed with babies, too. After a trip to JoAnn the other day, she came home and told me that one of her dolls was "the baby that was at JoAnn" and "I'm her mommy." They don't even need names anymore!

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Average Jane Crafter said...

I love it! So adorable and clever. :)