Thursday, January 20, 2011


Every time I get fixated on something new, Miss E follows suit. Case in point: clothespins and laundry. Lots of laundry being done around here, and to entertain the girls the other day, I strung up some yarn around the room and let them play with the mini clothespins Miss E got from Santa. We pulled out some big ones I'd stashed away, too, but they are all so ... cheap ... and the clips were breaking. What's a mom to do? Why, get Googling, of course!

I found new clothespins for sale. The cool, wooden kind like we used to use to hang laundry when I was growing up. But ... when you can find vintage clothespins for the same price or less, well, you buy them. Our 140 pins were delivered today, and Miss E immediately dumped the box on the bedroom floor and started in.

I also have seen many people selling vintage ribbon and trim on old clothespins, wound up to look like dolls. Yes, simple and oh-so-sweet. What a great way to organize all my loose ribbons and trim!

Miss E grabbed the ribbons and trim that she got from YaYa for Christmas (my mom was destashing!), quickly wrapped up some "girls" and is still playing happily with all six of them.

So beautiful, aren't they?

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