Friday, November 5, 2010

The Chocolate Fairy

Everyone needs a chocolate fairy, right? I mean, in Pixie Hollow they have all kinds of fairies with all kinds of talents. I want to find a chocolate fairy. Well, so I made one. This was the doll I started when I first wanted to try making a Waldorf-style doll. She's far from perfect and I was in love with her so much at first, but now I feel like I'm supposed to save her for someone else. I just don't know WHO. So I finished sewing her dress tonight, brushed off the lint from her face, took a few photos, and put her in a plastic bag in my closet. I do love her, but I just have this weird feeling that she is meant for someone else. I guess when the time comes, I'll know, right?

She has little toes, a belly button, and a bum. Beautiful strands of yarn and embroidery floss for her hair, though it's acrylic, not wool. She was a good little experiment, and a great training piece. There's not a thing wrong with her, so she will be perfect for someone.

Is she meant for you?

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