Friday, January 22, 2010

Deceptively difficult!

Whoever thought that sewing up a few slices of tomato would be so challenging! I can't tell you what I'm working on, since it's a gift for a small friend (whose mom just might read this!), but the rest of the project has been pretty simple. But ... nice, perfect slices of tomato with neatly-stitched segments? Not so simple! My straight stitching is far from pretty, so I'm struggling through, and to make it more challenging, I have a 3.75-year-old who keeps bouncing up on the loveseat to see what I'm doing. Or, she asks me to thread her needle, tie a knot, trace out circles and hearts on felt ... because, in and around *my* projects, she has her own. Yesterday, she took off with the felt food making (wonder why?) and produced five sandwich cookies, a tomato slice, two blueberries, and a big strawberry donut. I think she has done great for a small fry!

Now, back to stitching and no more bitching ...


MelissaFromTexas said...

How cute! I love doing "projects" with the girls.

Kristine said...

Having recently been down the same path of being unhappy with my hand sewing let me share what I learnt. Go to a site of someone who does great hand embroidery and click on one of their pictures to enlarge it. When I did this I noticed that their work wasn't as even and perfect as I thought. Hand sewing is meant to be unique that's what makes it look so good. You can see the love in it. I think we are so use to looking at machine sewed mass produced stuff that we have to retrain our eyes.
I think your tomato is looking great and I clicked on it to get a closer look!

PS I love your daughter's work. She knows the joy is in the making!