Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Babies babies babies

I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and instead of packing bags for the birth, what am I doing? Sewing. I should be working on quilts for the girls. I have all the strips cut, and they are fairly simple. But no ... instead, I'm making fairies, and now burp cloths, wash cloths and probably bibs. Maybe a small blanket. Oy. I just can't help it! It's seriously addictive, and since my mother-in-law gave me a generous gift card to JoAnn for my birthday, I bought a pile of pink, flowerly flannel, pink and lavender terry cloth, and cream chenille. I also had this adorable kitten print (flannel) that I've hung onto for a year, wondering what to make of it, and it worked out, ahem, purrfectly.

I keep seeing all these cute baby things at baby stores and thinking that I should be home making them, so yesterday I went to work and made this whole pile, plus an extra wash cloth for Miss E (to match baby sis's) and two Miss E-sized burp cloths that she can use with her dolls. We have to match, you know!

I found some great tutorials and then just went crazy. I'll probably fit in a bib or two yet, like I said, but the burp cloths are so dang cute -- and simple, too. Sometime, I'll pack those bags ... hopefully before it's too late!


Bounty said...

A girl!! Wow! Not relly to go now.... Congratulations. Love your new baby pink stuff (I prefer buying girly stuff than boys...!) I arrived on your blog randomly and I really like like it! Just had my first little boy, such a wonderful experience. If you are thinking of names by the way, check out where you can search names by meaning and origin. My little boy is called Marlow and he is just perfect. Fingers are crossed everything goes well for you xx p.s. love your blog

Vicwyn said...

Looks like you've had a LOT of fun, my friend.