Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still here!

Sorry y'all ... I have not posted much at all lately, though I'm napping less on most days. Of course, every time I say that, I end up taking a 2-hour nap the next day!

There have been a few small projects and a very awesome tote bag in the past month or two, none of which are posted yet. A cute baby project for a friend is in the works. Miss E has snagged some new fabric at JoAnn that we probably will turn into a doll blanket, and I finally used a cute pink bird print for two mini placemats for Miss E's play kitchen. More on that one of these napless days.

However, my time over the last week has been spent starting my very first quilting project. It's a very simple quilt. Well, two of them, one for each girl, from the Amy Karol book. I got most of the fabric that I had cut, though I realized just how big they were (45 x 60 inches doesn't SOUND so big ...) and decided I'd better halt and buy more fabric, much to my DH's chagrin, I'm sure. But ... it's for the girls, right? And before #2 is born, I really want to get them done since I've been holding onto the fabric for over six months now.

So, the next round of beautiful Sandi Henderson fabric is in the mail and should be arriving soon. And then I cut more, the slow part of any project. The fabric, if you're wondering, is what I used for her giant birthday cupcake and more from the Ginger Blossom line. So absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see the next batch in person. It's that crazy fabric obsession I have ... and Miss E has the gene as well. Another day or two and I get to touch it!

Hang in there; the posts are slow, but I'm still sewing, despite being 33 weeks pregnant!

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