Thursday, April 2, 2009


I confess; we love chickens around here. It started last summer with our first visit to Boggy Creek Farm and it has only grown. First it was Miss E, then me. My mom painted a beautiful chicken picture that hangs in our kitchen now, and Miss E has a rooster painting in her room. We have bought a few stuffed animal chickens, but I was poking around on Etsy yesterday and found several adorable ones. I admit; I copied. However, I did have to come up with the pattern on my own and figure the whole thing out. And after about two hours, Miss E got a very colorful and delightful Lucy Chicken, who now seems to hatch eggs every hour, at least. She has put some cheer into our lives, without a doubt!

That fabric has been sitting here, waiting for the perfect project.

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Vicwyn said...

The chicken lovingly reminds me of the "dizzy birds" you drew back in the days.....GREAT job on this project (and all the others). You are a VERY talented woman and, best of all, my friend.