Friday, March 27, 2009

An apron for Nana

Okay, so I confess I bought the fabric and the pattern last August, planning to make an apron for my mother-in-law. I thought I'd mail it and surprise her; she'd asked for a bright, cheery apron twice and we never did find one for her. I think she'd given up. Then I thought I'd just take it with us when we visited in October ... but I *still* hadn't made the apron at that point.

Her birthday was this past week, so I committed, and YES, I got it done. Learned a few things along the way, too, like that I need to sew more often so I don't forget to undo things when I wind bobbins and screw up my tension. Oy. As I've said before, it's good that I'm married to an engineer who can figure things out. My apron was looking pretty good, provided no one turned it over and looked at the underside, but I was getting very frustrated and could not figure out how to adjust the tension. Then I remembered what happened last time. Oops. Call up the hubby and ask him to open the sewing machine up and figure it out. He did; I cut out a whole new apron and the next day sewed it up with no issues at all and fairly decent stitching for once. So I've got a cute apron for myself, with lousy stitching, and my MIL got a beautiful apron with lovely stitching. On time, even! Yippee!

p.s. I think aprons look cute on my 6-month pregnant belly!

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