Saturday, July 19, 2008

I heart cupcakes

Yum. Who doesn't love a felt cupcake?! I fell in love with these and found lots of inspiration on and a few other craft sites. Actually, I first saw them in fabrics at Pottery Barn Kids, but since they no longer sell them, it started a whole series of events that led me to creating some for Miss E. Every two-year-old needs some for a tea party!

I moved on to ice cream cones, cookies, and a strawberry, even Aunt Hooty the owl!
... but then ... By luck, a friend gave me her old sewing machine, and things have escalated. Long story short, once I got the sewing machine set up and some fabric pieces ordered, I whipped up a lovely pillowcase for Miss E's bed. No, she doesn't use a pillow yet, but it looks cute in her room, and she loves it. I probably should have made one more tie for it, or done an envelope pillowcase, but it's cute and it works and the seams are straight!

Next came the robots. Initially, I was going to make a dinosaur, but that didn't pan out, and Miss E thought robots looked funny, so we made one of those for a gift. I'm not telling WHO is getting it, but it will be delivered or mailed in the next couple of weeks, and then you'll know. :) However, Miss E doesn't like to share toys, so I ended up making a chick bot the following day. Her name is Benny. Cuz Miss E said so.

And today I finally made the pillowcase dress I've been talking about. In about two hours, I put the whole thing together, and it was adorable. Unfortunately, the directions were for a bigger size (3T-5T) and though it matched in size to the existing pillowcase dress we have, the armholes did NOT match. I didn't pay too much attention to that, figuring I'd be folding down enough material that it would work out fine. I expected a tad bit big, but ... Um. Whoops, looks like mama has a new shirt instead! Heck, solves the problem of what to wear, AND it really looks stylish and cute! I woulda never believed that I'd look good in a pillowcase top, but I do!

Here's the pattern. It rocks -- super easy to follow. Just keep in mind the armhole size of the recipient when cutting!
Simple Pillowcase Dress

So that's the beginning of the story. Let's see where it takes me next!


Coco said...

Of course now all of your craft-challenged friends will be expecting a fabulous pillowcase shirt, too. Christmas or my birthday will be fine. :)

Coco said...

Oh, when Miss B saw your headless picture... you didn't fool her. She said, "That's xxxx there." Yup.

Vicwyn said...

So when are you making the sailor shirts from the 80's?!?!

I think you look maaaaaaaaaaaavelous, darlin'.

(Do they have "HUGE" size patterns?) :)