Friday, June 25, 2010

Peanut baby

I was looking for inspiration today, not wanting to pick up any of the projects I have in process, and lo and behold ... a peanut baby. Miss E insisted on one, so in about 40 minutes, she had Peanut in her arms. So cute, so quick and simple. I still want to make another for Little Miss e for her 1-year birthday, which is in about a month. (*gasp*) I want to do the pouch, but Miss E didn't feel the need, so it sped things up a bit. It looks very simple, too, so next Peanut Baby will get a pocket to put her in and take her out -- a perfect activity for a toddler. The preschooler just wants dolls!

Check out the tutorial! Thank you to Trixi for such a cute project!

Now, if I can find time to blog about all the other exciting projects I've been able to whip out in the last few weeks ... Like the adorable and simple smocked sundress Miss E is wearing in that photo. A couple of adorable aprons (more to be made soon with the awesome retro kitchen print I just found on Etsy), a shirt for myself (finally) and more. I'm one of those crazy artistic sewers, according to Amy Karol ... yes, one project after the other, several at a time, and whatever whim I have. Hence the "Whim du Jour"!

Off to switch laundry before Little Miss e wakes from a good nap. (Finally sleeping. Yay.) Then off to make a yummy coconut rice with a Thai chicken mix, using the lovely Thai basil from our tiny garden.

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Kristine said...

I think you're amazing creating on demand straight away. I look forward to seeing your're other projects that you have to share.