Friday, April 9, 2010

For the girl who adores snails

Miss E is delighted that we suddenly have an abundance of snails living right here in our backyard. I swear they are the ones we picked up on rainy walks a few months back. But they appear to eat dirt and dead leaves, so as long as they are not destroying our plants, I'm fine with them moving in. Most likely they will do some good! I'm guilty of helping collect them anyway, so I best not complain.

For her birthday, we gave her three snail books, and I found the most adorable crocheted snail (named Leni) on Etsy. And about three weeks ago, I put together a cute snail t-shirt for her. The only thing I didn't get done was the sewing! Alas, the birthday passed and the unfinished shirt hung in my closet, begging for attention. Tonight, I finished it, so it's hanging in her room, waiting for her to wake and find it in the morning as a surprise.

It proves that snails *can* indeed be girly. The t-shirt is a very bright pink (from Target) and the fabrics are Sandi Henderson, like so many other items I've made. I still love those Ginger Blossom and Farmer's Market prints; so feminine and pink. As my first attempt at an applique, it's not too shabby -- just a bit of a pull on the shirt at the top of the snail shell. And if I hadn't included the two buttons for eyes at the end of the stalks, I would have been informed that my design was incomplete.

I'll leave you with a snail joke, from my niece, now told and retold by Miss E:
Q: What do you call a snail on a ship?
A: A snailor!


Once Upon A Parent said...

I google snail applique and this image popped up as one of the images. I LOVE it and hope to make something similar for my boys. We recently read a book that has a snail on every page and are now in love with snails. Thanks for the inspiration.

groovinmama said...

Thanks! I just freehanded that, but I also have Googled "snail silhouette" and gotten some good images to trace for Christmas ornaments. :)

Look for "Are You A Snail?" -- cute book. There are actually a ton of snail books out there.

Miss E just discovered caterpillars. We have a million in the yard, all sorts, and she is now in love with them, too.