Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking onward

Happy New Year's Eve to anyone still monitoring my long-ignored blog. See, here's what happened. At the end of August, I bought a serger. I had gotten some money from my grandma, about a year after her passing, so I used part of it to buy a serger. It has been wildly fun, and I've made an array of fairy dresses, skirts, some beautiful dresses and a shirt from a Sandi Henderson pattern, and countless other things. It's just that when I've had free time, like I said before, I have sewn, not blogged. I've had tons of fun making things, including more dolls (even one cute Christmas one) for both girls. As the end of this year approaches, I've decided I don't need to document absolutely everything I make, and I don't need to apologize for not blogging. We'll see how this next year goes, but I do know I'll be a-makin'!

Miss E has been quite the little maker, too, and I am constantly impressed with the ideas she comes up with. I've turned her loose with needles, thread, floss, scissors, glue and an array of sequins, pompoms, felt, buttons and fabric. I love watching her get so excited about the things she makes, and I hope it never ends. She made Christmas tree ornaments for my parents as a surprise gift, and even cut out some of the shapes on her own (particularly the pink snail). She decorated a few more of the animal shapes, so we made them into a small garland for Nana to hang at her house.

And she surprised the heck out of me one day just before Christmas when she took some beads, floss, and a thick needle and actually strung those beads on the floss, one at a time. She brought it to show me, and I was amazed that she had not only come up with the idea to make a bracelet, but that she could take her small hands and string those tiny beads like that. Last year, she was learning to poke a shoestring through some chunky wooden block beads! I took her to Michael's and we bought some proper stretchy string and she picked out new beads, and she strung a beautiful bracelet for Nana; one that Nana is actually proud to wear. (I'd like one, too, Miss E!)

So here's to a happy and healthy new year, full of fun crafts and sewing projects! Cheers, y'all!

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