Friday, November 14, 2008

Big brother, little brother

My brother's second son was born the first day of our vacation, so I'm playing catch-up. A huge welcome to baby Sam, and congrats to Max, newly knighted as a Big Brother. I made some boy monsters for them -- the Big Brother and the Lil Brother. Big Brother is made from some of hubby's old shorts, plus some bright and cheery flannel to make his pajama bottoms that he refuses to take off. He's got crazy monster hair, a huge red monster tongue, and his ribbon claws make it look almost like he's making obscene gestures, like a naughty little monster. (But he's not, he's a very good monster really, and will even protect Max if Bad Monsters sneak into his home.)

Lil Brother resembles his big brother, yet is not at all an exact duplicate of his brother. No way. He's got his own personality and though he may look to Big Brother for some guidance on the ways of the monster world, he is ready to jump in and take on challenges. He, too, has lots of ribbon claws, a wild monster tongue, and a couple of horns. Crazy, yes, but very snuggle-able!

Miss E loved them so much that I had to make her a monster of her own. She said, "Mommy, I don't have any monsters. You need to make me one right now." I did. His name is Zorba and I still need to take pictures of him.

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