Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maker Faire rocks!

I can't tell you how much fun we had in only three hours at Maker Faire last night and a little over three hours this afternoon. You just have to experience it yourself, and believe me, we will be back next year. Miss E loved the robot wars (though we only saw one and a fire-breating bot named Texas Heat who flamed marshmallows for audience participants), and her other fav was the Austin Bike Zoo "rides", though we only watched.

While Daddy checked out the geekier side of the exhibits (solar cars, robots and more), Miss E and I strolled the Bazaar Bizarre and met the nicest, coolest people on the planet.

Meet a few of our new friends:

  • Becka at Baby Bolt, with awesome baby goods, aprons, skirts, and crayon rolls (Miss E is loving hers!)
  • Julia of Pixie Worx!, who also told me about Art of Texas
  • Harrilu screenprinted AND eco-friendly t-shirts and more from Dallas
  • Trina, who sells patterns to make the most adorable purses from plastic bags
  • Etsy Texas Crafters ... how awesome!
  • Puppets and free puppet patterns from Lanese
  • Zen Bend, from Connecticutt,, who bends wire coat hangers into cool sculptures. He gave Miss E a butterfly, which she carried all night.
  • The folks from the Texas Juggling Society, who helped Miss E make her own juggling ball from balloons and rice. It's awesome, and if you couldn't guess, she chose pink and purple as the two colors. I didn't get their link for how-to, but here's a good tutorial.
  • ... and Ismael, the guy who carves peanuts -- really! Miss E got a peanut from him, with instructions to open it up and find the old man inside. He dresses like Gandalf, and she just thought he was awesome. Her peanut (yes, the tiny edible part) is now in a zippered bag in her bed, with the shells turned into two caterpillar friends.

Other fun finds or things we saw and loved:

  • Fab teeter totters from Faith at Flatfork Studio ... Erika got to try one out with her new friend Emily
  • Austin Bike Zoo has the most amazing bike decorations you've ever seen ... A sweet multi-bike peacock ride, a gigantic rattlesnake made of lots of bikes, a monarch butterfly bike, a red moth bike. You have to see to enjoy, and riding would be even cooler. Human-powered rides; can you get more fun than that?
  • We missed both of Rachel's monster demos in the Maker Shed, but at least got to stop by and say hi. Monsters rock!

Daddy went to several demos today and came home with a bag of goodies as well. It was absolutely the most fun I've ever had in one place, and as we were getting ready to leave, Miss E said, "Mommy, I love Maker Faire." And then she cried when we left ...

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becks said...

Hey! It was so great meeting you two! Glad the littles likes her crayon pouch! Gonna explore your blog now and see you crafy goodness.